Internet of Things Platform Provider
Based Upon Real Time Wireless Sensor Networks


Our Wireless Sensor Networking Devices for IoT Solutions

Sensor Tags

Sensor Tags As End Devices for Various Applications – Temperature/Humidity, Location, Carbon Dioxide, Counter, Smoke Detection, Motion, Parked Car and etc.


Receiving Data from Spatially Distributed Sensing Nodes and routes to Sinking Node

Communication Units

Communication Gateway between Sensors/Routers and Outer Connected World


Monitoring/Managing Information Server/Computer, Wireless Sensor Network System

About Us

Acknowledging and Supporting Your Needs

Internet of Things

ASN Inc. is a Korea and Israel joint venture company founded in May 2010 by the Mr. Shon (H.J.) Kim and Mr. Sharon Soustiel for the development and providing of ubiquitous/wireless sensor networks solutions for IoT and industrial IoT markets

ASN Inc. has a business operation in Israel. The Israel operation is focused on adding value to expand from local to global market

Our mission is to develop, produce and sell wireless sensor networks solutions to serve the customers' needs, and to contribute ultimately for the realization of a fully interconnected world among objects and their environment and people

For that purpose, a common robust and flexible platform architecture for wireless sensor networks has been developed to acquire and control data in real-time from thousands of geographically spread end-point devices

Our platform can address different services from various application domains, including, but not limited to, media and big data, environmental monitoring, infrastructure management, manufacturing, energy management, medical and healthcare systems, building and home automation, transportation, smart objects

  • Networking Capacity

    Up to 18000 sensors

  • Data Reliability

    Based upon a proprietary protocol

  • Low Power Consumption

    More than 5 years

Our Team

Meet Our Key Members
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Shon (H. J.) Kim

President & CEO
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Leading the Development and Execution of the ASN Inc.’s strategy
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J. C. Kim

Executive Vice President
The Director General of the R&D Institute
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System Design and Integration – Industrial Control Applications
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S. M. Kim

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Mold Design and Engineering
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R. W. Ji

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Hardware Design and Development, and Certification
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Y. G. Han

Division Manager
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Software Design and Development – RTLS Applications
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G. H. Choi

Division Manager
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Software Design and Development – Smart Parking Applications
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Sharon Soustiel

Co-Founder / Israel Operation
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The Business Decision Maker for World Wide Operations
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Avishai Shavitt

CEO / Israel Operation
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The CEO of Israel Operation
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We, ASN Inc., are innovating products that make our worlds beautiful and efficient. Explore ASN Inc. jobs and join the wireless sensor networks (WSN) and internet of things (IoT) industry leader and become an expert.

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